Erna is a singer/songwriter who started to write, play and sing with the guitar during her early years.
Her music often involves human relations, their struggles, defeats and their rise. You could describe it like something between blues, soul and dreamy pop... Her interpretations are followed by her warm, sincere, deep alto voice, which joins her guitar strumming. Her first EP „On the Level“ was released in 2014, and her first album is soon to be released.


The original plan was to record an ambient guitar record about train stations, but his songs took new dimension.

I took your name is a solo project of the Dutch singer and guitarist Chris van der Ploeg. He gave the name to his project after a R.E.M. Song. The very first release of I Took Your Name is the "Bayonet EP". His second EP, "Phantom Tiger", was released in 2013 and a third EP is still in progress.

Listen to the EPs and many demos at


Poetry jam (de)

Contrast instead of competing - with this motto Malte von Maltzahn and Marcel Fehr venture an experiment to combine ideas of poetry slam with ideas of musical jam sessions. On the open stage, two authors each engage in dialogue with each other in several jam blocks, as they both read two of their texts alternately. In between there are musical interludes from very different genres, in which the pictures can have an emotional effect in order to freely engage with the next text. At the premiere in January 2019, DJ Momo and his ideas musically carried the evening along with vocals and guitar sounds by Andy Mieland and Loris Vanella. Carolin Duwensee and Lucca Pizzato, who were involved in the discourse for the concept in the run-up, also contributed with creative impulses. Credo of the event should be that there is no competition. Whether short or long, whether poetic or cynical, critical or romantic. Each artist should have room to convey his message speaking, rapping, singing or silently in the cozy living room atmosphere of the Arteria, which is managed with openness and creativity by Sanja and Sandro Susic. For a round moderation and some satirical punch lines provide Malte von Maltzahn and Marcel Fehr, as friends for several years together, but also separately from each other partly provocative, partly lyrical glances on society.


I'm Caro (24) and i am the head, the heart and the hand behind the little Mainz start-up "Hakenliebe". At the beginning of 2018 I founded it together with my friend Pascal Rück. Since then, we carry individual and handmade crochet pieces into the world, which you can put together in your own style at our online shop. High-quality workmanship and materials are particularly important to us. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, on the Web or in the Arteria Gallery! We are happy if you are happy.

Jacky liest (de)

A world of plastic skyline, pink smoke and camel snouts: Jacky reads in German, French, English or Spanish and sometimes in Chinese. The lyrical word has burned itself firmly into its soul fibers and is pushing outside. Armed with a belt of ammunition and lead, she plods through a sheer endless thicket of leaves, piles inkwell barricades, and stirs up word revolts to instill the imagination and commitment of her fellow human beings. Her copywriter writes her dream left in 4D and reflects emotional fire and socio-political storm surges again, all with a touch of glitter and surprises - true to the motto: reading is a party and tastes of strawberry ice cream with bits of bittersweet. She is involved in the political education, staged theater projects and gives numerous workshops in creative writing and poetry slam, for the Goethe-Institut, the Franco-German Youth Office, the Hessian Demokratietag or the European School Ffm and studied German, Romance and Sinology in Frankfurt and Mainz. In Mainz she founded the reading stage "Poetryslamjam" and Raconte-moi" as well as the author collective Poetenraketen. At the same time she teaches foreign languages and translates / interprets. Spheres of ashes in the Arteria was her first art exhibition in which she took the poetic word in tangible pictures. Jacky is always happy about new project ideas, cooperations or political engagement. Let us word-revolutionize the world. Because if everything goes, the word is what stays. More info on FB / Insta / Youtube under jacky reads and


melanie pietsch (de)

A white sheet stares at me I stare back and pull the pencil: A line here, a point there, where only with all the lines and points ...

For a long time I sit in a puzzled state, until at some point I vaguely recognize a firm, definite structure that desperately wants to be seen. I love that! To find what feels, feels, finally wants to live and breathe. I can not influence when a next work will be created, and if it wants to use painting or writing. But each time I am deeply entrapped in this white sheet and I can not wait to discover something new! All my encounters and contacts with the world are part of this journey and I am grateful.

Thankful to speak with you through my works.


KRISTINA / Gemstone (DE)

I traveled around the world for 5 1/2 years and discovered the passion in working with natural materials for myself. In South America, I started to learn macrame techniques from other street artists and gradually expanded them. In Peru, I started working with gemstones and making jewelery in combination of gemstones and macrame. Now I'm a mineral collector and a professional gemstone grinder and happy that I can now grind the gems for my macrame jewelry myself.



Born in 1986 in Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, he graduated in 2004 in graphic design in Mostar. In the same year he enrolled in the ALU in Siroki Brijeg (BiH). In 2009 he finished his studies in graphics in the class of Prof. Igor Dragičević. From 2009 to 2014 he worked as an art teacher at a high school and a elementary school in Vrgorac (Croatia). So far he exhibited at over 25 solo exhibitions. He is the author of a public sculpture in Mostar, near the town hall. Andrej organized a several of festivals and joint exhibitions of a humanitarian nature. He was a member of the board of directors of the Association of Croatian Artists in FBiH (DHLU). He currently lives in Sarajevo and is a freelance designer and artist.


Sinu is a singer-songwriter. His music reminds sometimes of Nick Cave and Jeff Buckley. With melancholic melodies, flickering text images and minimalist guitars. Unmistakable is his captivating deep voice, which breaks out again and again into unexpected heights.


EYE CONTACT is a sensation of perceiving world through creating. Look for truth. Live loudly. Purchase the ownership. Purchase art. Own personal objects. Show up on events in your city. Be polite. Break hearts. Break bad habits. Clothes won't fix personality. it's all about experience. Live now. Develop playful reflections of your own audacious individualism.


ENIDA DELIMUSTAFIC is a visual artist and designer attempting to discover new method of understanding reality by rejecting ordinary language in its rational way of operating. The first step is to perceive the world and consciously step into its realms. To understand that the world of our notions is prone on the top of the multidimensional actuality. And to create objects that continue highly arranged laws and that are reflecting them.


The experienced artist with the demonstrated history in several fields covering the digital media and classic fine arts. Through the degree in economy and a strong influence of fine arts studies (at Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia) connects the pragmatic view with artistic perspectives of the future.


My stickers are different from the others in that I do not have illustrations. They are text only. Additionally, I avoid messages that are political or socially negative. My stickers are a small pause in a world that is already so complicated. I write words and phrases that are from the heart. My single goal is to bring something positive into the world that is already so hectic and serious.I am new to the street art scene. I only began in October 2015. I started by photographing the work of other street artists. I did not begin to experiment with my own style until January 2016.I stumbled into the world of street art, and later into writing, very much by accident. The anonymity of street art provided a safe place for me to gently find the voice within me. Painting and writing provided the structure for my voice to rise from the deepest corners of my heart and finally take a form that I could relate to and learn to understand. I write about Life and Love. Street art allows me to connect with my community , and share the words for feelings many of us experience.Street art comes in so many shapes and sizes. From the beginning, I was especially interested in the small art: the stickers. Because the "audience" is mostly pedestrians, the sticker artist has a unique challenge. They must capture their audience and convey their message in only a few seconds, before the reader walks by. In these few seconds, they can make the public laugh, smile or think. Additionally, the sticker artist must accept that, at any moment, someone may simply take or deface their stickers. This can be difficult to accept because many stickers are hand-made with tremendous time and effort...but it is part of "the game". However, seeing someone stop to take a picture, or walk away with a smile is worth all of the risks. This special way of sharing and communicating with the city fascinates and captivates me.I am from many places in the United States. I have had many addresses. I have lived in Germany since 2011, and Mainz since 2012. My life has been a wandering path of life living and story collecting.I am lucky to have been in Freiburg for the start of my journey into street art. The scene in Freiburg is very dynamic. I was immediately fascinated by the art of Gloomy, Troops, Loki, and Arti. They welcomed me into the street art family and encouraged and supported me through my first steps. As I ventured further, I found encouragement in the work of artists like Lilo, Ketauu Oo, Nest Dafoe, Em Bi, Dr. Fuchs, Twinone and Orange. Justcobe played a tremendous role in helping me with some technical questions (paint selection and techniques) and inviting me to experiment with other aspects of street art. I was also fortunate to make connections with Kulturaggregat (, where I could see the work of other artists, which stimulated my idea creation process. There are many people who helped me get to where I am today. I still consider myself a beginner, but I will forever be grateful for the support, inspiration and encouragement that I have received from the Freiburg street art family.


I was born and raised in France and moved to Germany only a few years ago. I have always been close to the nature, I lived in the countryside and played a lot in the nature as a child, that could explain the flower as my main character.I started putting up stickers in the streets in 2014. It all started in Nancy, where I studied. When I was bored in class, I liked to draw flowers and other random characters in my books. I started getting interested in graffiti and street-art by reading books about it at the university’s library and decided that i wanted to be part of this movement too. My flowers went from my books to adhesive labels and I started invading Nancy with my stickers.I love stickers because you can prepare them at home and put them up on your way to school, work or any other place you need to go to. Stickers are cool because you don’t need a lot of material, just paint or ink markers and some labels or anything that sticks to a surface. Also, stickers are a very good way to reach a lot of people in the streets plus it only takes a few seconds to put up a sticker, so you have less chances to get caught. Because yes, putting up stickers is illegal and you could get in trouble for that.I’m mostly inspired by other stickers or graffiti pieces that I see in the streets. I try to travel as much as I can and I really respect the sticker and graffiti artists that are present in a lot of different cities, for example Thierry Jaspart, Utah and Ether, Sleep, Bebar, Nite Owl, RWK...


Duc-Anh Dinh, also known as Duke from Mainz, has been a big film fan since his childhood. In 2013 he started as a set intern at a crime series and is meanwhile a production driver and 2nd assistant director of national and international projects. He worked among others. at "Tatort Münster" (ARD), "BAD BANKS" (ZDF), "Race - Time for Legends" (Cinema) and works for the 2019 appearing Netflix series "Do not Try This at Home".


Indira started her passion with the decoupage technique already in the year 2012. Her works consist decorative wooden household utensils such as wooden spoons, wooden trays, candle holders, wooden chests and much more. Besides of pasting different napkin motifs, she also turns her works into a unique way by painting on her wooden and glass crafts. In addition to her creative ideas, she also works according to individual customer orders. In addition to the decoupage technique, her passion also lies into acrylic painting on canvas. Her works are not only authentic but also individual.


Korliane (DE) is my real name and at the same time the label for design, lettering & stationery. From childhood, my "big heart" beats for art and design. The name "Korliane" comes from the Cambodian and means "the big heart" or "the lovely" - how appropriate, right? I have always wanted to turn my passion into my profession and I have now been able to realize this dream. I also want to pass on my full enthusiasm for the work to my customers. I'm looking forward to developing your ideas to bring a smile to your faces in the end.



Sinisa Zorbic (SRB) is born on the 26th of octover 1988 in Sabac, Serbia. Since 2015 he discovered his passion to art and found his favorite technique in oli painting. His motives are mostly Etno details, landscapes and still lifes.


Ines Schneider (DE) already used many forms and techniques to present her art. Over the years, a large number of spun little films, stories and lyrics have emerged. Till today her diaries, in which the experience is expressed with drawings, scraps of paper and small finds of everyday life (Ines calls this activity "calendaring") is her constant accompanist. One of her favorite techniques is to cut figures, shapes and letters directly from colored paper. In the Arteria, she is represented with some individual elements printed on canvas from these "Tailors".

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Mobilé (DE)

Mobilé (DE) is a group of students from Mainz who has come together to make art. Mobilé meets for exchanges, arts, literary and cultural interaction. It is a circle in the form of a chain, whose individual links differ in material and form from each other and create something beautiful in joint autonomy. Like a mobilé. Now the artists invite to their first exhibition "the body! Surface inner world ". How do we see bodies, what do they look like? What happens inside and what outside? What do bodies experience and what does their aesthetic look like after life?

Amber Muir (UK)

Amber Muir (UK) is currently studying Fine Art Photography at the University of Arts, London. She is a visual artists who creates work that addresses historical and contemporary debates regarding the representation of women. The piece 'Utopia - End Of Patriarchal Landscape' proposes the utopian idea of a landscape embodying the female form.

Hannah Baum (DE)

Hannah Baum (DE) is a photographer and painter based in Berlin. The work 1136x640 or the skin you're in is a series of hyperreal landscapes. These photographs of nature question our ability or inability to distinguish between the real and the artificially generated.

Sophie Spekle (NL)

Sophie Spekle (NL) who is currently in her graduation year at the University of the Arts Utrecht, constructs multi media installations. Her work is often formed from language and investigates, how the post-digital era influences the way we interact with images, objects and the spaces our bodies enter in both a physical and an immaterial way.

Julia Huber (DE)

Julia Huber from Offenbach is currently studying Design at HfG Offenbach and, besides that, she works on photography, the impact of colours and composition and the generating of patterns within the contrast of physical and digital worlds. By an experimental application of various photographic and other techniques she generates abstract visual environments which are employed as live visuals in cooperation with Cornelius Reitmayr.

Additionally, she plays House & Disco, Funk & Soul, Oldies & loads of fun stuff as DJ Brigitte Römer.

Cornelius Reitmayr (DE)

Cornelius Reitmayr (DE) is a multi-media artist and lighting-designer based in Berlin. Exploring light and how it interacts with certain spaces and objects is one of his main themes. The mediums he works with can vary between photography, film, and installations. Next to being an artist he makes lighting concepts for theater plays and short films.

Antje Zöchling (DE)

Antje Zöchling (DE) is a DJ and music lover from Frankfurt am Main, who creates electronic beats incorporating samples of wine glasses, the sea and other sounds of her daily life. Going along with these, Alexei Ulinici (DE), also from Frankfurt, makes up rap lines that make him laugh or wonder sometimes. As a singer-songwriter he writes profound lyrics in German or produces experimental ambient sounds with amateur keyboards.


Chema Iglesias (ES) from Malaga graduated in Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Besides visual arts, he dedicated himself to music. Based on the study of human behavior and emotional reactions, he works on the composition of pop/experimental electronic music and in different media like performance, video and installation. He is mainly inspired by pop music and pop culture, that concerns seemingly trivial topics, which are nevertheless results of deeper social matters such as sexuality, identity and desire of individuality among others issues.

DCK - D’CHefkoch (DE)

In 1998 DCK began recording his own beats and rhymes for the first time, devoting himself to the hip hop scene. He quickly formed his crews with whom he pursued his passion. In 2001 he made his first appearance in the Hip Hop Lounge. Soulfood is the passion, the music and its attitude in life. It's the food for the soul.


ENE LO (Ena Dujmovic) is a product designer from Sarajevo. She found her way to express through a combination of fashion, design and modern art. She finished Product Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, which helped her finding her own handwriting and aesthetic. The idea of Plusminus is to create a symbiosis between modern design and traditional printmaking. The inspiration came from graphic artists who, as such, are using techniques with limits. Ena saw the opportunity to present graphic in a different vision. Working together with the artists she saw the chance to give their artworks a new way of expression and meaning. The Plusminus prints are a combination of copper-etching and linocut techniques. The copper is a technique of high-pressure printing which creates an engraved layer. It is pressed into the material after the application of the paint under the print of the press, , which makes every single piece a unique craft. The brands name describes two contrasting units - positive / negative, black / white or Plus / minus. The Plusminus pieces can be combined in many ways for a variety of occasions and is treated as an art piece itself.


Sanja Aleck (Aleckovic)

finished 2015 the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo at the department of Fine Arts & Education. She lives and works in Mainz. Her passion lies in combining painting, photography, sculpture and multimedia. Her big fervor is experimenting with different materials and techniques, which gives her the possibility to connect all existence in the world . Most of her works are produced out of expressions and are reflecting the connection between human being, science and philosophy, and are rich of rhythms, lines, forms, and patterns which are playing over raw or empty materials.