Founded by artist Sanja Aleck in 2018, the ART.ERIA Gallery is one of the most upcoming contemporary art gallerys in the world.


ART.ERIA Gallery leads the audience into the modern art scene from talented artists to designers. We show both established and emerging artists from all over the world. ART.ERIA works as a translator and art mediator in an urban environment in the heart of Mainz. The aim is to draw attention in a gallery to the energetic expressions of an international art scene. We invite visitors to participate in the visual language of a modern and urban environment. In monthly changing programs ART.ERIA Gallery shows the different positions of artists of all kinds and their impressive variety of media. At the same time, we support artists by helping them earn money by selling their artworks so they can continue to work and establish themselves in the art scene. We present you the best events and exhibitions, handmade and designer items, our Pop Up Shop and offer art and design courses. ART.ERIA Gallery wants to address the central issues of our time through the production, presentation and dissemination of contemporary art. A contemporary art gallery without its own collection offers a high degree of flexibility in the creation of the programs and is addressing to a wide audience.